Project Showcase

The project showcase format is designed to allow for a more extended consideration of examples of digital legal history than is possible in a conference presentation, and for a wider range of examples than is possible in a longer talk by a single scholar or devoted to a single project. The showcase will span two 90 minute sessions, with 45 minutes devoted to each project.  Each presentation will explore the process that created the project, the project itself, and the insights gained from taking that approach. The goal is to provoke discussion of other possible uses of digital methods for legal history.



O Say Can You See: Early Washington, D.C., Law and Family, an example of network analysis



Field Code


The Lawyers’ Code: Tracking the Migration and Influence of the Field Code, an example of text analysis




Numbers arrests


Digital Harlem, an example of mapping and spatial visualization







Voices of Authority: the Old Bailey Courtroom, an example of 3D modeling