AMST2601 American Foundations

Description: This unit introduces students to the contradictory richness of ‘Americanness’ from an interdisciplinary standpoint and prepares them for the Major in American Studies. It is divided into different modules, each addressing a core national myth. We will approach each module from a variety of angles: historiographical, literary and visual, opening lines of interrelation between historical and imaginary forms in the construction and ongoing redefinition of the United States.

AMST2601 is the core unit in the American Studies major, and is a team-taught unit involving staff from History, English, Film Studies and the United States Studies Centre.  The course is structured around a series of modules. My role varies in different iterations of the unit.



Lectures on “What is American Studies?”, “Civil Rights,” and “1950s Masculinity”

Student Feedback


2011: Included a module on Disneyland involving collaboration with a course in the Department of American Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Lectures on “What is American Studies,” six lectures in the Disneyland module, “Civil Rights,” “Constitutional America,” and “Immigration and Borders”

Student Feedback



Lectures on “The Cold War,” “Dr Strangelove,” “Self-Made Men,” and “Failure”

No Feedback collected




Lectures on “Conformity,” and “Repression”

Student Feedback

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