Collecting Grains of Sand: Big Data and the History of Ordinary Individuals

BigDataHeaderOn November 21, 2014, I’m presenting a paper titled “Collecting Grains of Sand: Big Data and the History of Ordinary Individuals” as part of the “Humanities and Big Data” panel at Big Data, Better World? A Transdisciplinary Studies Conference, November 21, at Claremont Graduate University.

Conference Description:

Big Data is everywhere. But can Big Data research and practice be harnessed to address pressing social conditions? We know we can use big data; the question is how and whether we most effectively use it.

The Transdisciplinary Studies Program presents a unique all-day university conference featuring scientists and humanists, researchers and practitioners, faculty and students, from across the schools and disciplines at CGU and beyond. Panelists and invited speakers will address the question of “Big Data, Better World?” from different intellectual and professional vantage points. Jack Dangermond, Founder and President of Esri Corporation will provide the keynote address.