Digital technologies have transformed and expanded the means by which the results of historical research can be shared. Forms of digital scholarship provide options for sharing any historical research, not only digital history – including, in the Department of History & Art History, PhD research, which can be submitted as a digital dissertation. To develop an understanding of the nature of these new forms of scholarship and how you might use them, this course traces their development, from hypertext history and experiments with non-linearity, through blogs, short-form publication and online exhibits, to e-books, digital journal articles and monographs, digital dissertations, and podcasts. In each case we will analyze examples, with attention to their form and features and what the designs and digital platforms underpinning them offer historians. We will also compare each form to the print article and book, considering how digital scholarship can be related to those forms of scholarship, as a variety of professional settings and evaluations require.

Professor Stephen Robertson, Department of History & Art History, George Mason University

Fall 2022, Tuesdays, 7:20-10:00PM, in Peterson Hall 1109