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Teaching Digital Harlem

On the Digital Harlem Blog I’ve posted the preprint of my long forthcoming chapter on using Digital Harlem to teach the Harlem Renaissance (finished in July 2018): What was it like to live in 1920s Harlem? Using Digital Harlem to put the Harlem Renaissance in context

Digital Harlem offers a way for students to develop a complex picture of the neighborhood by exploring a diverse set of historical sources revealing everyday life, and to situate places and events in Harlem’s material environment….This chapter will provide some pathways through the site and point to content in the related blog that teachers can use to guide student exploration of specific aspects of the neighborhood. Blog posts also offer additional sources, particularly photographs, that students can be asked to analyze alongside the map. The overall approach suggested here is to have students to explore life in the neighborhood in terms of what happens in the course of a day, a week, and a year in Harlem.

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