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Celebrating Alice Kessler-Harris: Her Graduate Students, 1994-2015

UnknownI’m thrilled to be part of Women’s History in Motion, a conference to celebrate the career of Alice Kessler-Harris, who I was extremely fortunate to have supervise my PhD during her time at Rutgers University. Heading into the event, I became curious about the other graduate students who Alice supervised. Oddly, this kind of information is not collected anywhere. But I did realize it is available in the Proquest Dissertations and Theses database, which you can search by adviser. That search not only gave me a list of the 28 dissertations that Alice has supervised to completion to date, but also their abstracts, and in 23 cases, the full text of the dissertation. Alice’s own dissertation, completed at Rutgers University in 1968 is also in the database!

I’ve used that information to put together some simple visualizations – including a map of where Alice’s students are now, and some word frequency visualizations created in Voyant that give some indication of the breadth of research that Alice has shaped in her career.

Alice’s Students, 1994-2015

Dissertation Numbers


Where are they now?

Roll over the dots for more information




Abstracts: (28 dissertations)


Full-text: (23 dissertations – but lots of OCR errors)


Individual Dissertations:

Balcolm      Brier      Brodkin      Cutter      Duboa      Fronc      Hartman      Hoffman      Jones     Kannenberg      Katz      Klapper      Nelson      ONeill      Pfau    Phillips      Poole      Robertson      Rose      Tammi Van      Vodoire      Golia