This dream book was published by Lewis Hartmann, 217 West 125th Street, in 1933, and reprinted subsequently (our copy is from the 1940s).  It was one of many published to help players choose the numbers on which to bet.

It contains an 81 page alphabetical list of words and their associated number, 6 pages of men’s and women’s names, and numbers for each state, for sneezing, for wedding anniversaries, for ‘happenings,’ years, months and days of the week, cards, and holidays. The final four pages contain a list of “Past Performances,” the numbers that came up from 1937-1944.

NOTE: we do not have copies of this book for sale, nor are we aware of anywhere you can buy a copy of this book.

Below are a selection of pages from the book: 8 pages from the alphabetical listing; 1 page of names; 1 page of ‘happenings’ and a page of states and sneezing.

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