Digital Humanities & The Liberal Arts: A Symposium

wm_vertical_single_line_full_colorOn March 20, 2015, I will participate in “Digital Humanities & The Liberal Arts: A Symposium” at the College of William and Mary. I will be speaking briefly about RRCHNM and what we’re currently working on: text and image annotation, and word frequency and n-gram plug-ins for Omeka, feeds and integration with institutional repositories, and an expanded API, for Zotero, the launch of PressFoward 3.5, three online digital humanities courses for a new graduate certificate offers by GMU’s Department of History and Art History, a hybrid digital history course for the 4VA initiative, and a summer institute for graduate students in art history supported by the Getty Foundation.

For the event I pulled together the 2014 numbers for the RRCHNM family of sites, including



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