The Differences between Digital Humanities and Digital History (DDH2016)

imageMy chapter, “The Differences between Digital Humanities and Digital History,” has appeared in Debates in Digital Humanities 2016, expertly edited by Lauren Klein and Matt Gold (available in print and an open access online edition). The chapter is a revised and expanded version of the post that first appeared on this blog in May 2014.

In this form, the piece is part of what Klein and Gold describe in their introduction as a shift to “more forceful grappling with DH at the disciplinary level.” A section of the collection is devoted to “Digital Humanities and the Disciplines,” and includes contributions of particular relevance to historians by Cameron Blevins and my colleague Sheila Brennan.

Unfortunately, the chapter also remains relevant as a corrective to the persistence elision of digital history in discussions of digital humanities, most recently in the pages of the LA Review of Books, and their ongoing series “The Digital in the Humanities” (notwithstanding the recent interview with my colleague Sharon Leon)

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