Bromley Real Estate Maps

The Bromley Real Estate map overlay is now complete.

Andrew Wilson and his helpers at the ACL have replaced those sections of our 1932-1940 map that had changed since 1930 with what was there in 1930 — those changes appear as the light brown sections of the map in the image below. 

We have also taken the chance to add a new feature — the buttons on the right turn on and off boundary lines indicating the area of Harlem in which the population was over 50% black in 1920, 1925, and 1930.

The site now features a button providing information on the Bromley map layer and the boundary lines, as well as link to a key to the map, which is marked with information on the materials from which buildings are constructed, the number of floors, the presence of shops, basements and elevators, water pipes, trolley tracks, and elevated and subway stations.

This update was funded by the 2010 Roy Rosenzweig Fellowship for Innovation in Digital History

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